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Blackman Detective Services

License # 1494

Phone: (919) 821-0016
Fax: (919) 821-7015
Toll Free: (800) 683-8511
Email: Investigator@blackmanpi.com

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Our Company

The strength of Blackman Detective Services of Garner, North Carolina, lies in the knowledge and experience of our staff. Our case managers are respected leaders in their fields and have an uncompromising dedication to our clients when it comes to private investigations. Our investigators are licensed in North Carolina, having reciprocal agreements and affiliations that allow us to operate in just about every state and country.

Our clients range from large international corporations to private citizens. We are dedicated to understanding the complex issues you encounter, and our commitment to service has afforded us the opportunity to develop lasting, long-term relationships.

Blackman Detective Services is licensed by the North Carolina Private Protective Services Board and fully complies with North Carolina State Law. We are members of the North Carolina Association of Private Investigators. We accept a variety of payment methods, including credit cards, cash, checks, money orders.

Our Founder

William Allison Blackman is the CEO and Founder of Blackman Detective Services. He is a North Carolina Wesleyan College graduate and retired homicide detective from the Raleigh Police Department, where he served for 30 years.

Combining his knowledge, experience, and customer dedication with a highly skilled team of professional investigators, Mr. Blackman has produced a private investigations company providing superb services for law firms, insurance industry professionals, government agencies, public and private businesses, and individuals.

Mr. Blackman has played an integral role in numerous high-profile investigations—most recently as one of the two lead investigators for the defense on the Duke Lacrosse investigation. Mr. Blackman is a member of various professional organizations and associations, such as the Better Business Bureau, North Carolina Association of Private Investigators. Additionally, he has appeared as a guest speaker for television programs such as Court TV and Forensic Files. Mr. Blackman holds a Private Investigator license in the State of North Carolina.