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When you are trying to locate a missing loved one, obtain hard-to-find records, or learn the detailed background of just about anyone, contact Blackman Detective Services in Raleigh, North Carolina. We are a multi-disciplined private investigations firm offering a wide variety of services, including liability investigations, background checks, and litigation support. If you are unable to locate a service on this page that fits your specific needs, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Asset Research

Our firm provides asset research to include property and vehicle information. We also offer research that determines if there are any bankruptcies, liens, and/or judgments.

Background Checks

Let us provide comprehensive background checks, including civil and criminal checks. We do checks in North Carolina and nationwide that include DMV record searches. We can also obtain a resume, education, and employment verification, as well as credit histories. We even do social security number verifications and death index searches. Our firm can also obtain marriage records, credit reports (with signed authorization), and corporation partnership affiliations.

Child Custody and Special Investigations

Allow us to provide thorough investigations relevant to a custody suit. Our firm also provides comprehensive special investigations tailored to what you need.

Court Testimony

Our investigators will make appearances for court testimony at legal proceedings.

Criminal Defense Investigations

From simple misdemeanors to complex felony cases, our firm has proven experience in all types of criminal cases.

Criminal Investigations

Let us help you search for potential witnesses, test the reliability of witnesses, and examine the histories of persons involved in crimes. Our investigators will assist in determining the strength of evidence for prosecution.

Disability Claims Investigations

We will work for you to provide information on the present activities, recovery, and progress of a claimant’s condition.

Domestic Investigations

Come to us any time you need work done from this comprehensive line of services. Our investigators understand all aspects of the law and are very sensitive to your specific needs.


Due Diligence

From partnerships to acquisitions, we are able to do all of the legwork required to get the information you need. Our staff has traveled great distances to get the truth for our clients.

Forensic Computer Examinations

We’ll assist you in the conducting of forensic examinations of machines and disk drives to determine malfeasance or theft of data.

Insurance Case Surveillance

Our firm responds to a variety of insurance-related needs. Our investigators conduct surveillance with proven methods that maximize results and minimize costs, utilizing state-of-the-art color digital video camcorders.

Jury Panel

Call on our team to conduct comprehensive investigations and compile background information on jury panel members for a trial attorney. We’ll investigate information such as their:

• Political Affiliations
• Church Affiliations
• Memberships
• Social Organizations
• Police Or Arrest Records

• Accident Histories
• Lawsuit Histories
• Other Information Desired, Depending on the Type of Case Being Tried


Liability Investigations

We offer a comprehensive investigation of accidents that are related, but not limited, to:

• Automobiles
• Medical Malpractice
• Airplanes
• Product Liability
• Fires

• Explosions
• Falls
• Falling Objects
• Gunshots
• Motorcycles

Litigation Support

Ranging from simple due diligence matters to anti-trust litigation, our staff has the experience you need.

Locating Persons

We have the skills and expertise to locate victims, missing persons, witnesses, debtors, or anyone else. We’ll even find old friends or college sweethearts. Once we locate the person you’re searching for, we’ll serve legal documents. Our broad-based research department has enabled us to be highly successful in this area, and we serve you with complete discretion.

Personal Injury Investigations

We provide a comprehensive investigation of personal injury, loss of earnings, personality changes, physical losses, and other losses.

Process Serving

Our firm can serve your civil and legal papers pursuant to the State of North Carolina Rules of Civil Procedure. We are also able to coordinate service of process worldwide.

Property and Casualty Insurance Claims Investigation

Call on Blackman Detective Services to go beyond a check of the basics. We probe to discover all of the details that may have been overlooked during an initial investigation, including the ones that are not obvious to the untrained eye.


Our firm provides interviews documented through written, audio, and/or video recording of statements for legal or other proceedings.


We conduct surveillance using proven methods—ranging from physical surveillance to GPS tracking—that maximize results and help with cost containment.


Do you see numbers on your telephone or cell phone bill that are not known to you? Do you want to know who your spouse or that special someone has been calling? Let us help you identify those numbers.

Process Serving

Workers’ Compensation Investigations

Our firm will conduct a comprehensive background investigation profile and will also include an investigation of the circumstances surrounding an accident. We can even help you design a way to develop and verify activities that were not admitted by the claimants. In states where it is available, Blackman Detective Services will provide the claimant’s previous claim histories, present, and past activities, and a background profile. We conduct interviews and document them through written, audio, and/or video statement recordings, and our firm uses color digital video equipment to document these activities. Our investigators are also available to testify in legal proceedings.

If you have a research need that’s not listed here, please call us with your specific requirements.

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